Pet Readings

Do you wonder what your pet is trying to tell you?  You can find out through a session with Gail.

Gail shares real stories from and about real pets

Sheila’s cat. Her cat showed me a man walking up the driveway. Sheila confirmed that this man was her new boyfriend. The cat described the house he lived in before he lived with Shala. He liked to go outside, but with Sheila he is an indoor cat and sits on the sill, looking out of the window. He watches a couple of little children across the street. Sheila confirmed they are the grandchildren of the people across the street. He let me know he loves being Sheila’s cat.

Solving a pet behavior problem. A client was having a problem with her cats not using the litter box. I saw that there were two cats who got along well and behaved until a third cat came to live there. The problem would persist until the new cat went away.


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