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If you are looking for a spiritual advisor who can help you find the answers you seek, you are where you were meant to be.  Gail is clairvoyant, which means that she can see images of people, places or things in her mind’s eye from the past, the present, or the likely future. She can validate things for you that have happened in the past and things that are happening in the present. Things in the future are subject to change, based on changes a person makes in his or her behavior.  This is the result of free will. Gail is clairsentient, clairaudient, and a medium; she can help you connect with those you love, who have moved on to another life, or with a spirit guide. Gail’s style is engaging, down to earth, and inspirational. People come in looking distressed and worried or sad, and leave with a smile and a new lease on life.

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“I had a wonderful session with Gail today. She was spot on about my grandmother in the spirit world. I’m very thankful for your gifts, Gail. I highly recommend her for your reading. Her energy is very calming.” – Sierra M.

“I always leave my readings with Gail feeling empowered. I felt stuck when it came to my education and career. Gail’s insights gave me the confidence and reassurance to run toward my passions. After my reading I auditioned and enrolled in Music school to pursue songwriting. I feel like I am finally on my path and excited for what the future holds.” – Julia

“Gail was amazing. I instantly felt connected to her. She was very professional and warm. She gave me great comfort and peace of mind. I highly recommend her and give her the highest praise on her accuracy and abilities!” – Debra H.

“Gail has taken her life experience as a counselor and her people skills in helping people find a better life plan to a whole new level. As a very gifted psychic, clairvoyant, medium, intuitive and channeler, Gail is able to find Divine answers to soothe the soul of her clients. Her readings come straight from heaven through her heart to her client.” – Sandy

“Gail is an incredibly gifted psychic and intuitive. I’m always amazed at the messages and visions she shares with me during a reading. She has insight that is always spot on even if I’m not clear about what I need to know or ask. I recommend her to all my friends!”  – E.C.

“Gail is truly a gift!! Her readings have helped me get through some very difficult times. Her accuracy absolutely amazes me!! She has described to me events that would occur in the future and as they were unfolding all I could do was gasp!! Although getting a reading from Gail is enough, she is also a skilled counselor. Having someone who is a physic and a trained counselor is priceless!! I am extremely grateful that I have her to help guide me through all of life’s challenges. ” – CaSaundra H.

“I am so happy to have met Gail. Through her I have gained insights into things in my life that I need to focus on. Her reading was so accurate. I periodically refer back to my notes and I’m still uncovering truths about what she said. I feel empowered and more sure about pursuing my dreams.” – Connie

“Gail Embery is an awesome psychic. She has a true gift. She sees clearly with insight and compassion. She can answer the questions you need answered. I have looked a long time to find someone as genuinely far seeing and accurate as Gail and I am so glad I have found her!” – Melissa

“Gail’s approach to sharing her gift is distinctive, she doesn’t take you on a fishing trip; she’s led by God Spirit, you instantly know you’re dealing with accuracy.” – T. Free

“Gail came highly recommended by a close friend. This friend had witnessed Gail’s psychic abilities prior to Gail’s decision to embrace her gift. At the time I was about to file for divorce and was seeking clarity. Before my appointment, I discovered that she knew another close friend who gave me a similar account of Gail’s abilities. I felt that there was no coincidence that she had come recommended twice. After my first reading I was amazed. Gail’s reading was accurate, she had a wonderfully calming energy that helps you relax and connect. During my first reading, she saw the challenges in my life, including the divorce and the blessings as well. Within two weeks after the reading, most of the information she gave me came to be, including a job opportunity. Needless to say I was back within the next couple of months for a second reading!” – Rhonda B.

“I have been both skeptical and intrigued by psychic readers throughout my life. Gail has a comfortable and down to earth manner, which has made it possible for me to discover and explore new areas of my life. Gail’s humble and kind spirit allows for a very enlightening and inspiring reading. I don’t need to know how she does it. I just know that she is very good at what she does as an intuitive reader and counselor.” – Mark A.

“For as far back as I can remember I have struggled with my romantic relationships.  Although Gail has given me countless readings that have helped me make a decision or that have offered me comfort in some way—I still needed something more.  Recently Gail did something different.  This time she went on a journey with me.  I don’t understand all of the particulars of how or what she did but the results have been unbelievable.  I tend to be very anxious in relationships.  I worry constantly if my partner is going to leave me or cheat on me.  Somehow Gail learned that I have a wounded inner-child.  I have a great fear of abandonment.  Gail gave me an exercise to do that was supposed to help me heal past wounds and quiet my mind.  I did the exercise for 12 days not really believing that I could be helped.  Well it worked!!  I can honestly say for the first time in my adult life I’m not worried about my partner leaving me!  In fact I am now questioning if he is worthy of my love. Peace and Love” – Freedom

“Gail was very in tune to my energy and hit on very personal subjects in a short period of time. I enjoyed my reading.” – Denise

“My reading with Gail was very thought provoking, and I believe I may have all the answers to help me make a decision. Once I figure out things, I’m sure I’ll reach a conclusion.”  –Gary

“Gail,  You are my best idea of a great, really right-on psychic counselor. Thank you for several life-affirming, soul-soothing sessions.”  – Laurel

“Gail Embery is a very exceptional intuitive and thorough reader. On the mark!” – N.E.P.

“I have known and known of Gail Embery for several years. Through contacts I have in the Metaphysical World, I knew that Gail was an extraordinary clairvoyant, but I had never spoken to her on that behalf. One night, in 2015, I was at a very low point in my life. I was basically homeless and needed answers in my life. I messaged Gail and asked her what I should do. We spoke extensively online, and what she saw were the letters “SOM”. Neither of us had any idea what that meant, but she said it would resolve my issues. I don’t wish to go into any personal details, but about two weeks later, it became clear what “SOM” meant.  “SOM” was “State of Missouri”, where I live. They provided me with a place to stay for about 4 months until my circumstances happened to provide me with self-sufficiency and my own place to stay. Gail provided me with hope and her answers were very clear. I highly recommend Gail to anyone that needs answers in their lives. She is clear and concise. Listen to what she says and you can’t go wrong.”  – Chuck R.

“Hi Gail,  Thank you for your reading. I find it comforting that you work from a spiritual center and use shamanistic wisdom as a foundation in your work. Your intuitive abilities are strong. I needed insight into a situation and you helped clarify what is going on. In general, I think you try to show the client what is showing itself to be true in the current moment. I appreciate the work that you do.”  – C.S.

“Gail is truly gifted. For the past twenty years, I have had many readings and worked with many clairvoyants and Gail is by far the most accurate. I am so grateful to her. She helped me figure out a very serious issue in my work. I was truly amazed that everything she predicted in my reading came true. Furthermore,  after claiming that she is not good at finding lost articles, I asked her to find a set of keys that had been missing for close to a month. Never having been in my house, she visualized a red box in a metal basket in one of my closets and that’s  exactly where I found the keys!  She is truly amazing.”  – GiGi

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Schedule a private reading with Gail on our Contact page.

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