Journey to Freedom


Intuitive Life Coach

 Gail Embery, MA, LLPC


Are you at a crossroads in life? Do you seek outside approval and acceptance? Do you feel stuck, unsure, and unable to make decisions for yourself? Have you been trying to find your life’s purpose? Do you repeatedly experience failed relationships? Are you generally unhappy with the way your life is going?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, a Professionally Licensed Intuitive Life Coach is exactly what you need.

About Your Life Coach

Gail Embery has over 30 years experience as a Licensed Professional Counselor. She embraced and developed her extraordinary intuitive gifts later in life. Gail combines her academic training and intuitive abilities to guide you on your journey to freedom from what is preventing you from living the life you truly want and deserve. Gail is able to pick up on any negative energy and discover what is blocking you from achieving happiness. She will provide counseling sessions, mental exercises, guided meditation, visualizations and intuitive impressions. She can look beyond your exterior and what you verbalize to uncover deep-rooted pain and fears that stand in your way.

Life Changing Benefits

  • Discover internal limiting beliefs and emotional blocks
  • Realize and examine unresolved childhood traumas or past experiences
  • Transform and strengthen interpersonal relationships
  • Learn to forgive and love yourself unconditionally
  • Create the life you love and deserve

Journey to Freedom – 6 Week Program

Contact Gail to schedule your introductory session.