connect with your loved onesDo you wonder what happens to people after they die?
We are spiritual beings having a human experience.  Our deceased loved ones and ancestors continue to exist in the spirit realm, so they are not gone when they die; they are always with us.  We only need to open ourselves to the possibilities and pay attention.  A medium can help you connect with a loved one or an ancestor.
Messages come to us from the spirit world in many ways.  They may come through a person who has sensitivity and is nearby.  They may come in a dream to those who were close to them.  They may come in response to someone seeking to make contact with the help of a trained medium.  If you need to speak with someone in the spirit realm, I can help you reach out to, and communicate with, the person you seek.

Here are two stories from my personal experiences:

I was escorting a group of women in a support group for grieving mothers to a cemetery where their children were buried.  It was a cold, icy and snow-covered day in December.  One of the mothers had started to cry after trying to find her son’s marker in the snow.  She would push the snow and ice away form markers she thought might be her son’s, but could not find him.  It was quiet and peaceful in the cemetery.  Then I heard the voice of a young man saying: “Tell my mother to stop crying, don’t worry about me, I am not here, I am fine.”

I looked around, but there were only the four of us.  I delivered the message, and the mother immediately stopped crying.  She was ready to leave in a few minutes.  Your loved ones are with you.  I can help you hear their messages for you.

Dreams are a way that people in the spirit realm can contact us
My own grandmother communicated to me through a dream.  In my dream, she pointed to a window at the rear of a home that she had left to me.  The next morning, I went to the house and from the front, I saw signs that someone was living in this house, which was supposed to be empty.  I walked to the back window that my grandmother had pointed to, and found that it was broken.

If you have had a dream with a message such as this, trust your own intuition.  Come talk with me, and I can help you connect with your loved one.


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