My Father… More Evidence of the Afterlife

patriotic_freedom_pow_mia1I am the daughter of Prisoner of War (POW), Sgt. Coleman Edwards. My father went missing when I was about 3 years old. He received orders to leave his station in Japan to go to Korea where he was taken prisoner by the North Koreans.

As a young child, I would sit at the dining room table for hours admiring his picture hanging on my grandmother’s wall. The picture said “To Mom from Korea”.  He looked so handsome in his army uniform. Grandmother told me “he went to the army and never came back”. Although I was very young, I made a silent promise to myself to find him and bring him back.


Years later, I began to search for him. Eventually, I sought assistance from a Medium with whom I had an absolutely amazing sitting. My father, uncles, grandmothers and mother came through with convincing evidence. My father talked about Japan, religion, and showed himself with his arms behind his back (as in “prisoner”). He expressed happiness and pride that I’d finally come looking for him. I was so Happy and relieved. He was Ok.

Shortly after that I did learn from the US Department of Defense that my father was, in fact, a North Korean POW.

I have included two pictures of my Dad with this blog. The first one is the original picture that hung on my grandmother’s wall. It was burned in a fire. The second is an oil painting copied by a classmate, Ramona Jackson, while I attended Wayne State University. Ms. Jackson presented this to me as a graduation gift because I talked about my Dad all the time.

I hope you will share your thoughts and memories about your father, living or passed on, in the comments below.

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4 Responses to “My Father… More Evidence of the Afterlife”

  1. Amy Garber Says:

    Gail, I too lost my dad at a youngish age (17 years old) and although I knew how he died and had just seen him the day before, I didn’t know “what happened to him” after he died. I was filled with despair that he was gone into nothingness and I would never see him again.

    That was my belief system, because — although my family is Jewish, I wasn’t raised religiously and didn’t learn my own religion’s beliefs on the subject. Also, my dad said he was an atheist and my mom an agnostic, so no one ever taught me about the possibility of an afterlife.

    I did dream about my dad after he died – which I now know (and probably had an idea then) that meant he was actually visiting me while my conscious mind was in sleep state. But this was fearful to me. In the last dream I had, I was telling him, “You’re dead! You need to go! You don’t belong here!” and I woke myself up crying. It was the last time I dreamt about my dad.
    (I also now know this is a common way for Spirit to communicate with us.)

    There was a silver lining to this. Because my dad died, I got to meet his brother, my crazy Uncle Jerry, who lived in New York City. Uncle Jerry was into all types of metaphysics and helped introduce me to that world. I had my first reading (an amazing astrological chart reading) because of Uncle Jerry, and near the end of his life he was doing live psychic readings for one of those phone services.

    More importantly, after my dad’s death, he recommended the book “Life After Life” by Raymond Moody, Jr., which had just been published. This is a summary of Dr. Moody’s scientific study of people who have had near-death experiences (NDEs) and very convincing “proof” that the soul lives on after physical death of the body. This book literally saved my life, because I was in such a great depression until I learned the truth!

    And mediumship work, where an intuitive/psychic contacts the departed, is such a vital, wonderful, healing service to people who have lost a loved one and are suffering. So glad you got answers to your dad’s journey in that way, and relief in contacting him. Thanks for sharing your story with us!

  2. Marcy Says:

    Hi Gail, I’ve recently met a guy I would like to have a romantic relationship with. His name is Pete. Do I stand a chance of this going anywhere?

  3. gembery Says:

    Hi Marcy,
    Thanks for connecting with me. Sorry for taking so long! This is unusual! You asked about a relationship with Pete. The funny thing is I got your’e either already married or a marriage to a very loving man is coming soon. I also see you’re beginning to do something new. Could be Pete or something like a project or venture. If you need more clarification or want to give me feedback on the answer, it would make me happy because I am a bit confused.

    Peace and Blessings,

  4. Pam Says:

    My father died at 36 when I was 6 years old 1964 .He was retiring after 20 years in the military. He served in Korea also. My heart has a hole in it that can never be filled. You see I have no memories of hiim. Should have since he had a full military funeral with all the trimmings. Thanks for letting me talk about him to you.