Evidence of THE AFTERLIFE… My Experiences

Evidence of the Afterlife

I was first introduced to an awareness of the possibility an afterlife as a young child.  I was about 11 or 12 years old at the time.  I had attended my Grandmother’s funeral.

Upon returning to the house, I saw her likeness walking past  the dining room window.  She was alone and sort of looking in, lingering.  I really did not understand anything about death at that time so I ran and told my aunts what I’d seen.   They looked at me as if I was telling a huge story (lie) and insisted that I had not seen her, but perhaps it was someone who looked like her.  My grandmother had a distinct look which was very different from anyone in the neighborhood so I knew it could only have been her.  But, I was confused and I eventually forgot the event and never spoke on that again.  I recall, that seeing her did not seem strange or unusual to me at the time.

Many, many,  years later while working in a civilian capacity with the Detroit Police Department, I had the opportunity to accompany/escort  a group of grieving mothers to a cemetery where their sons were buried.  It was a cold, snowy, day in December.  One of the mothers was unable to find her son’s grave site and began frantically scraping away the snow and ice on several stones.  Suddenly, I heard the voice of a young man.  He clearly said, “Please tell my mother to stop crying, tell her that  I am fine, I’m not here.“   I looked around to see who might be speaking;  where is this voice coming from?  I was totally bewildered but I obeyed and delivered the message because it was so clear and unmistakable.

The mother immediately stopped crying, wiped her eyes and said, “Let’s go”.  The ride back was deafeningly silent.  I kept wondering what these ladies must have be thinking of me, what will they report about what I said.

I hope you will share your thoughts and feelings on the subject of the afterlife in the comments below.


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  1. Judy Hashek Says:

    I have had many experiences sharing evidence of the afterlife. Here are 2 of them:

    Last night (1/4/2014) just after finishing dinner, our doorbell rang. My husband went to answer it…no one was there. This happened on the 5th “angelversary” of my mom’s death. Coincidence? I doubt it.

    My Uncle James died in April 1998. He did not believe in the afterlife at all. It was pointless to argue this with him….his mind was made up. A few months after he died, he came to me in a dream. He admitted he was wrong about his belief in the afterlife and stated if folks on this side of the veil could have a brief glimpse of his realm, they would be amazed at what they saw! This coming from my uncle, who NEVER admitted to being wrong!

  2. gembery Says:

    Thanks for sharing Judy,
    I appreciate your contributions. I knew you would have some Good Ones!!
    Many people ignore these sorts of things when they happen. I’m sure that after reading your posts, some will begin to think twice and start paying more attention to little (coincidences) like the two you shared.
    Looking forward to seeing more from you. Please feel free to share the link with your friends.


  3. Exie Smith Says:

    What you wrote resonates with me. My Aunt, whom I was very close to, passed away. We had discussed years before, that if possible she would come back to see me. I was in college, in my apartment, studying for finals. Suddenly my apartment burst to life, the curtains blew up away from the windows and the rooms temp dropped to a frigid temp. In my heart I knew it was my Aunt so I started to talk out loud to her. I praised her for being brave, for proving to me there was life after death and for being at peace/no more pain from the cancer. I talked to her for minutes, seemed like much longer, but my bedside clock told me the truth. I felt that her energy was fading and I needed to say goodbye. I did and told her I would love and remember her for the rest of my life. About 5 minutes after she was gone, I knew the phone was going to ring so I reached for it. I also knew it was my dad, this was his sister that had passed. I answered the phone, “Hi Dad.” He had called to inform me that my Aunt had died. I told him I knew, she had just been in my apartment. We talked for few more minutes,I told him I loved him and would see him in a couple of days.
    An amazing experience that I will always remember and feel.
    Thank you Gail, your blog is great.
    Exie Susanne Smith
    Welcome To My Para”Normal” Life.

  4. gembery Says:

    Hi Exie,
    I enjoyed reading your post. It is so affirming of life after death.
    You were so brave!
    Thank you for sharing,

  5. Judy Hashek Says:

    I first “met” my Great Uncle Adolph at a family reunion in Sept. 2013. I remember hearing my dad tell many funny stories about him. He was the jokester of the family, and loved to pull pranks! It appears that this trait is still with him on the Other Side because I could feel him all around us at that reunion. Here are a couple of pranks he pulled on me over the course of that weekend back in Sept.:
    I was alone in the hotel room one afternoon getting ready for our evening activities. Suddenly there was a loud knock on the door. I muttered to myself that my sister Nancy, needed to be more careful about remembering her hotel key when she was out. We were sharing a room. I went right away to answer the door and no one was there! I looked up and down the LONG hall and there was absolutely NO WAY a person could have run away from the door and try to hide without being seen. I immediately felt Uncle Adolph’s presence and told him in a sarcastic manner how “funny he was”.
    The second prank occurred the morning we were going to leave the hotel and head back to MI. I am diabetic and always check my blood glucose first thing when I get up. I DELIBERATELY left my glucose meter on the desk so I could find it in the morning and take my reading. The meter was NOT there! In a panic, I checked around the room and then decided to go through my suitcase, but I positively KNEW I had not packed the meter since I would need to use it in the AM. In the BOTTOM of my suitcase under all of the clothes was the meter! I could hear/feel Adolph laughing and this time was not amused, as we were running behind schedule. One of Adolph’s favorite things to do is to hide things. It happened to my sister and brother on this trip also. We always found the hidden items, but the prank of hiding objects and then making them appear in a totally different place seems to be one of Uncle Adolph’s favorite things to do. I am hoping Gail can communicate with him and ask him to back off a bit on these “jokes”. I brought his energy home with me, and he is STILL hiding things! :(

  6. crystal jones Says:

    I’ve had a few experiences but the one that stands out the most happened last summer.
    It really started July 2012 when my ex boyfriend passed away. After I had gotten the news I went to look for a ring he gave to me many years ago for my birthday and a letter he wrote for our 1 yr anniversary. Well I tore my house apart looking for both. I took EVERYTHING very carefully one by one out of my jewelry box. Could not find the ring. Called my mom over to look for me…maybe I was just not looking good enough. She did the same looking one by one…nothing. I thought I know i didn’t lose it and no one could’ve stole it. But at that point gave up looking. I’ll find it one day…just not today.
    fast forward to last July 2013. I was driving home from work and my ex popped in my head. He told me go home and look for the ring again. Ok I thought. ..After I get dinner I will. So I went to a Chinese restaurant and after dinner I opened my fortune cookie. It said: a lost treasure will be found in 1 month. Wow…I thought now I’m definitely going to look for the ring. So I started in the totes in my garage….no ring…but I did find old pictures of my ex and I. So I took them inside and looked at them in my living room. Laughing. ..crying. .reminiscing. ..I felt his presence right next to me! I then moved to a spare bedroom. Looked through all dressers…papers. ..etc…still nothing. At this point I’m getting tired but I decide I’ll look one more time in the jewelry box that I found nothing in last year. 1st drawer. ..nothing…2nd drawer I take out an old receipt that’s lightly folded…in the folded part falls out my ring right into my hand!!!!!! I was in complete shock and tears! It was him…He put it there. ..He hid it from me for a whole year! The next day out of curiosity I wanted to know where the receipt was from…well where it was from had no meaning. ..but clearly at the top was the best part…it said: hi my name is Robert Thank you for letting me serve you!! Even more confirmation it was him…His name is Robert! I then immediately felt a feeling of peace come over me. I never had closure…but this was my closure. HIS way of making me feel better. I think finding the ring the way I did and a year later was so much more meaningful than if I had found it the 1st time I looked for it. And for that I will always be thankful! He always had a special way to showed he loved me and it didn’t stop when he left this world:) I still haven’t found the letter…but I’m convinced I’ll find it when he’s ready to give it back to me!

  7. gembery Says:

    Your post was just wonderful. Yes, when your boyfriend got in your head, he was definitely communicating with you. And then the fortune cookie… WOW!!. Most people would have dismissed these occurrences as mere coincidences. But you know there are no coincidences, there are synchronicities. Sometimes, our loved ones can do more to help us from the spirit world than in this world. You will find the letter when you least expect to and it will contain a message that will continue to ring true for you in today’s world.

    Thank you for commenting and helping me to raise peoples awareness of the afterlife, spirit world, etc..